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Ten Great Ways Twitter Can Help You Promote Your Book

By guest author Dana Lynn Smith.

Twitter is a great way to promote a book while you build your networks and reputation. Here are ten ways authors can harness the power of Twitter to promote their books.

  1. Help others by sharing information, while you gain a reputation as an expert. You can post links to helpful articles, recommend resources, offer tips and discuss other books that you enjoy.
  2. Meet potential customers and stay in touch with existing customers. Promote your Twitter URL everywhere you're listed online, and include keywords in your tweets to attract followers who are interested in your topic or genre.
  3. Stay on top of news and trends in your field or genre, and get ideas for your articles and blog by reading the tweets of the people you follow.
  4. Promote live and virtual events such as book signings, podcasts, virtual book tours, teleseminars and book launches.
  5. Gain visibility and new followers by hosting a Twitter contest where you give away a prize to a randomly chosen winner.
  6. Ask for help and get instant responses - things like feedback on your book title, cover design or website. It's amazing how helpful folks are.
  7. Spread goodwill by helping your peers. Introduce people to one another, recommend other related books, or re-tweet interesting posts from people you follow.
  8. Promote your book, but be subtle. Make promotional tweets a small percentage (10-20 percent) of your overall communications so that people feel they gain value from following you.
  9. Meet other authors, experts, publishers, marketers and vendors. Twitter is ideal for networking, and it's a great place to learn about the publishing industry and meet those you might promote your book.
  10. Keep in touch when you're on the road. Use your mobile devices.

Most importantly, have fun. It's fascinating to meet people from all over the world while you promote you book.

[Dana Lynn Smith is a nationally recognized book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketing Guide.]


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