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December 2014

Choose Your Path: Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

With self-publishing increasingly becoming more of a viable option as an alternative to traditional publishing, it is now more and more difficult for authors to choose which path to take.

But with the help of the infographic below made by WriteLife, you can take a a look through each route before making your ultimate decision on which publishing method will work best for you. So take a minute and stroll down your publishing pathway today.

Self-publish or Traditional

Plan The Marketing Strategy For Your Book

Now that you have reached the end of the arduous process of writing your book, it is still no time to rush getting your work on bookshelves. In fact, effectively marketing your book for a successful sales period requires just as much effort and time as any other step during your self-publishing journey.

While the extra hours may test your patience, following the infographic below from The Write One Blog will help you successfully market your book.

Book Marketing Timeline