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October 2014

Marketing Your Self-Published Book

Just like designing your cover, finding a manufacturer like Book1One and setting up your personal website, marketing your self-published book is all on you.

But don't worry too much. Even though traditional publishers have a multitude of resources to market its books, there are effective and cost efficient ways to get everyone hearing, talking, and purchasing your self-published book. The infographic below by Discount Books Daily will help you get on your way.

How To Market Self-Pub

Is Self-Publishing Right For You?

So you are ready to write you book. Ready to share your story with the world. Ready to be published. But what is the best route for you to take? Traditional publishing sure sounds appealing but maybe self-publishing is the more economical, hassle-free option.

In the video below, Laura B. Williams of The Writing Biz sits down with Angela Bole, the executive director of the Independent Book Publisher's Association (IBPA) and Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press to discuss whether self-publishing is right for you.


Top 10 Reasons Why Self-Publishing Can Grow Your Business

Self-publishing is a great tool for authors of novels, poetry books and children's literature. But in no way is it limited to these categories.

In fact, businesses can benefit from self-publishing books to gain credibility, cut down costs and provide worthwhile information to customers. The infograph below by Compass Rose Consulting provides the Top 10 reasons why self-publishing is great for business growth.

Top 10 Self-Pub Business