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September 2014

Hardcover Books Leading The Charge Back To Print

There is no denying that e-books made strong push to take over the literary industry over the past few years. However, since 2012 their rise seems to now be leveling out. As the infographic by Co.Create shows below, it is hardcover books which are revitalizing the printed book industry as readers, self-publishers and even current e-book consumers are making push back toward casebound books.



How To Create Your Text Pages Using InDesign

One of the many reasons why authors decide to self-publish their books instead of taking the traditional route is because it can be much more cost effective. Furthermore, being able to personally control as many parts of the self-publishing process is a great way to save money. This includes designing your book from the cover to the guts.

There are many different design programs which books can be created from but for today's post the people at Design Like A Pro show you how to make professionally styled text pages for your project using Adobe InDesign.


E-Book Consumers, Young People Still Reading Print

Known as the biggest threats to the decline of print books, E-book readers and young people may not be totally ready to complete commit to new literary technolgy like they have in other mediums. While tablet sales are on the rise and people under 30 are increasingly more likely to get their dose of reading through devices like the Amazon Kindle, the infographic from Teaching Degree found below shows print books still have a grip on these groups.

Ebooks vs Print Info