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By Bobbi Linkemer

If you are planning on writing a book, this is a great question to consider. It will help you think about how prepared you really are to become a successful author. Here are six traits to ponder.

Desire. Desire, of course, means that you really want to write this book. Here's where you have to ask yourself whether your book is going to be a catharsis of the soul, a hobby, or a project that might actually make some money. That is one powerful test of your idea. Would anyone want to read it, and would that person part with money to own it?

A concept. The key to any book is the strength of its concept, its point. If you can't explain wht your book is in one sentence, you don't have a clear idea of your message. If you can explain what your book's message is, remember to keep it short.

A plan. Just as you wouldn't set out on a road trip without a road map (or GPS), you shouldn't start a book without a plan. This is where many first-time authors go wrong. They have a romantic idea that one begins a book by sitting down at the computer and just "letting it flow." It really doesn't work that way.

A long attention span. Writing a book requires focus and commitment over many months. The more excited you are about your book and the more determined you are to see it come to fruition, the more likely you are to remain focused every step of the way.

Self-discipline. Self-discipline is doing what has to be done, sticking with it even when it's not fun, and reasserting your commitment as often as necessary.

Support and guidance. No one goes it alone, especially when you undertake a project of this magnitude. No matter if this is your first book or your twentieth, you need to feel others are in your corner and rooting for you. You need the support of others who have faith in you. If this is your first book, guidance from knowledgeable sources, such as from fellow writers, writers' groups, teachers and other professionals, is a gift.

[The majority of this post  was created, with permission, from excerpts taken from How to Write a Nonfiction Book, from planning to promotion is 6 simple stepswritten by Bobbi Linkemer. To visit her website, go to]


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