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Many publishing experts agree that fiction is more difficult to market than nonfiction. Fiction involves so many genres and sub-genres and sub- sub-genres. Also, readers' opinions about fiction are much more subjection. What one person loves, another may hate - there is no right or wrong. Plus ther is so much more competition.

To help you meet this challenge, here are some essential marketing tips for fiction writers.

1. Get out there. Marketing fiction successfully is all about getting out there and meeting people, setting up book readings and lectures and interviews.

2. Get a booth. A booth is a great way to put yourself in front of readers, and there are book festivals in every state. A great resource to search for book festivals is www.bookfestival.com.

3. Enter a contest. There are hundred of contests out there: large and small, regional and national, genre-specific and general. Find one that fits you and your book and enter it! It's great exposure.

4. Reviews. Obtaining reviews of your book is one of the most important strategies for fiction writers. A great review can really boost sales.

5. Work with schools. Many schools bring writers in for workshops, writer-in-residence programs and readings. Search the internet for programs in your area. You may not be able to sell your book to the students, but the relationship can lead to newspaper coverage and expand your network of contacts.

6. Give a reading. Giving readings is one of the most important ways that fiction authors can market their work. Not only do you have the opportunity to read your work, but you can also answer questions about your book, providing information that can make your audience more interested in buying.

7. Write another book. This is more important for fiction writers than for nonfiction - and is essential for children's books. Everyone loves to read a book by an author they know. Once your readers become involved in your first book, it is much easier to get them to buy the second...and the third.

8. Brand yourself and your book. Branding is about making your name and the names of your books familiar ot the public. And it can be as simple as making sure the covers of your books have a similar look and feel.

[This post was created, with permission, from excerpts taken from Karen Hodges Miller's new book, Sell Your Book.]


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Edward Smith

Getting on TV is difficult for most fiction writers because of the limited number of shows that discuss books, etc. However if a fiction author prepositions themself into an expert it is a whole new ball game. Edward Smith.

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